What if I told you that...

Healing your gut can change your life.

And that healing your gut can do more than fix the apparent things like bloating, constipation, heartburn, and nausea.

What if I told you that healing your gut can help you:

Wake up feeling like you actually got a good night's sleep- no more dragging yourself out of bed.

Trust your intuition with food - no more food cravings ruling your life!

Feel energized all day - no more 4 pm energy crash!

Have glowing skin and healthy hair and nails

Have more pain-free periods

Feel calm, focused, and happy - say goodbye to brain fog and irritability!

and that...

You don't need a detox or cleanse to heal your gut?

You can still eat delicious food while healing your gut?

You can have sustainable energy all day, with no afternoon crash.

You can overcome intense cravings for sugary foods?

You can stop feeling bloated and gross after every meal!

Food sensitivities are not a root cause, they are a symptom of poor gut health.

You can have better digestion, better sleep, glowing skin, and a happier mood...

Feeling hangry, bloated, anxious, and exhausted is NOT normal...and you don't have to feel this way anymore!

That you can trust your gut and your intuition with food?

Maybe you have been feeling...

Overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition advice out there…

Confused about which foods are bad or good for the gut

Like you can't trust your intuition with food...

Sick of having gut symptoms like bloating, nausea, and heartburn every time you eat…

Like you are relying on caffeine to get through the day

Tired of hearing, “just eat less and exercise more”...

Like you have a million food sensitivities, nothing you eat makes you feel good

Tired of always being exhausted...

Like you are just surviving day to day...

Maybe you have tried all of the diets and spent $$$$ on gut supplements but nothing seems to work.

Maybe you are starting to worry that feeling this way is just normal...that this is just life.


these things are NOT NORMAL.

A little more about me:

I'm a mom to a rambunctious toddler.

My husband and I have been together for 10+ years, and we eloped while backpacking through southeast Asia.

I have a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

I've been a certified functional Nutritional Therapy practitioner since 2014.

Welcome to Trust Your Gut!

Your holistic, comprehensive guide to true gut health.

Let's take a peek inside the course...


Welcome to Trust Your Gut! In this introduction, you will learn why I created this course, and you will get a preview of what you will be learning.

You will also take a quiz to find your learning style. This will help keep you motivated as you go through the course.

Module 1: Finding Your Food Freedom

In this module you will learn why most diets fail, and why strict diets are not the solution.

We will talk about why intuitive eating isn't so simple, and why all calories are not equal.

Let's say goodbye to diet culture!

Setting Your Foundation with Blood Sugar Balance

Is feeling "hangry" your baseline? Do you have afternoon energy crashes? DO you wake up between 2 & 4 am? This module will change your life.

Module 2 is all about setting your foundation for a healthy gut. Before you begin healing your gut, you have to have balanced blood sugar.

You will learn about the connection between imbalance blood sugar and poor gut health, and I will teach you the 4 rules of blood sugar balance.

Module 3: Nutrient Dense Food 101

Let's learn the basics of nutrient-dense foods! We will cover carbs, protein, fat, water, and fiber.

You will learn why you need each for gut health and bust some common diet culture myths.

Module 4: Eating For Gut Health

In this module we will get into the details of eating for gut health.

You will learn how to build a gut healthy plate, how to diversify your microbiomehow much to eat, and when to eat, and we will highlight simple gut-healing foods.

Module 5: Dial in Your Digestion

In Module 5 you will be learning how your digestive system works.

Then, I will teach you easy ways to optimize your digestion.

Because if you have poor digestion it doesn't matter how well you eat - because if you aren't properly digesting your food you will not absorb those vital nutrients.

We will cover the importance of stomach acid and what to do if you have problems like heartburn. You will learn what your transit time is, and how to support the health of your liver.

Module 6: Listening to Your Body

Learning how to listen to your body is hard - but I will be supporting you along with way.

In this module, you will learn what food sensitivities are, including the difference between food sensitivity and food allergy.

You will learn about leaky gut and how it can be healed.

I will walk you through how to do an elimination-reintroduction protocol for yourself.

Module 7: Beyond Food

By now we have covered the food aspect of gut health.

But there is a lot more to consider for true gut healing.

Nervous system regulation, sleep, and toxin exposure will be covered in this module.

Module 8: Probiotics, Prebiotics, Supplements

This is your guide to gut healing supplements.

You will learn how to choose the best probiotic for your needs & how to get a therapeutic dose of prebiotics through specific foods.

I will also walk you through natural supplements and herbs in your gut-healing medicine cabinet.

Module 9: Thrive With Gut-Healthy Exercise

Exercise is essential for a healthy gut, but some exercise can make gut problems worse! In this module, certified fitness professionals and guest instructors Andrew Jackson & Victoria LaFont will teach you how to do a full-body workout from the comfort of your home

Trust Your Gut Student Highlight

Example Curriculum

  Welcome and Intro
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  Module 1: Finding Your Food Freedom
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  Module 2: Setting Your Foundation with Blood Sugar Balance
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  Module 3: Nutrient Dense Food 101
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  Module 4: Eating for Gut Health
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  Module 5: Dial in Your Digestion
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  Module 6: Listening to Your body
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  Module 7: Beyond Food
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  Module 8: Probiotics, Prebiotics, & Supplements
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  Module 9: Thrive with Exercise!
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  How to apply all of this in the real world
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By the end of this self-paced course, you will...

Understand why restrictive diets are not the solution

Learn how to eat intentionally, and begin to trust your intuition with food

Know exactly how to balance your plate to reduce stress hormones and give you sustainable energy all-day

Learn what macronutrients are (Carbs/protein/fat) and how they affect your gut

Know precisely how and when to eat to heal and nourish your gut

Learn how to boost your levels of good gut bacteria with food alone

Learn simple gut-healing foods that will help nourish your gut- nothing gimmicky or expensive here

Understand the basics of how your digestive system works and how you can quickly improve your digestive health

A better understanding of food sensitivity and the link between food sensitivities and gut health

Understand what exactly "leaky gut" is ...and learn how you can heal it (with the exact 5 step method that I learned in my Master's level functional nutrition training)

Feel confident doing an elimination challenge to help you pinpoint foods that may irritate your gut..and learn how to add those foods back in so you aren't stuck with a restrictive diet forever!

Learn how to manage critical factors that most people overlook when working on gut health: nervous system regulation, sleep, and toxin exposure

Know how to choose a probiotic that actually works and find the best probiotic for your unique needs

Understand safe and effective herbs and supplements that can be used to support gut health

Have an at-home, low-impact exercise routine, (no equipment needed) to help you thrive.

Trust Your Gut is right for you if...

You like to learn a little about the "why" behind things.

You are ready to commit to making sustainable changes to how you eat and live your life.

You are open to shifting your mindset to support a healthy gut.

You are over feeling like you are barely making it through each day.

You are ready to THRIVE and live your best life.

Trust Your Gut is probably NOT a good fit for you if...

You want a restrictive diet to follow.

You want a quick fix.

You aren't ready to make changes in your life at this time.


How long will it take me to finish the course?

Trust Your Gut is entirely self paced. You can go as slow or as quickly as you would like. It contains about 6 hours of modules. You could do one module a week or one a day!

How long will I have access to the course?

You get it for life! You will have access to the entire course, plus any future updates I may add.

I have SIBO/H. pylori/ etc., will this course help me?

Trust Your Gut provides food and lifestyle-based methods to support and nourish the gut. It is not intended to treat any disease.

I am not a doctor, and this course is not a substitute for medical or nutrition therapy.

Please reach out if you have questions.

What if I need more individualized support?

This course is educational and not a replacement for medical or nutrition therapy.

When you purchase the course, you will have access to the private Trust Your Gut community, where you can ask me questions and connect with other students.

Will I have to give up carbs/meat/sugar etc.?

NO! The premise of Trust Your Gut is to help nourish your body with nutrient-dense foods, including unrefined carbohydrates and good-quality animal protein.

I'm plant-based/vegan, will this course work for me?

You can apply most of the material to your life but may not get the same results as someone who eats high-quality bioavailable animal protein.

This will depend on you and how well your gut is functioning. Because plant-based protein can be a gut irritant for some people, it can be difficult to meet protein goals.

I focus on animal proteins as the primary protein source and use plant-based proteins for other gut-healing benefits.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

What if I don't like the material? Do you offer refunds?

I always welcome critical feedback! If you are not happy, please let me know. Because this is informational and downloadable material, I do not offer refunds.

Can I do this course with my friends?

Feel free to share your course materials with your spouse or significant other, but I ask you to please not share with anyone outside of your household. I have put thousands of hours of work into these materials; please honor this request.

Can I contact you to ask more questions about the course?

Yep! Just email me at [email protected]